There are many ways you can get a golden brown tan — you can use tanning beds at a local salon, soak up the sun’s rays outdoors or even get a spray applied directly to your skin. Whichever method you choose, stickers applied to the skin allow you to measure how your tan is progressing. Stickers block the skin from getting dark, allowing you to compare your natural skin color with the tanned skin around the sticker. Aside from allowing you to check your progress, stickers applied to the skin while you tan also will give you a decorative tattoo-like shape.

Select a sticker in the shape of your choice — most salons offer tanning stickers for free in a variety of shapes such as hearts, stars and other symbols. If you don’t go to a salon to tan, you can just use regular stickers in the shape of your choice.

Select a location on your body to place the sticker. Many tanners will choose to put the sticker in a location that is not visible when wearing standard clothing.

Press the sticker onto your skin and complete your tanning session with the sticker in place. Do not remove the sticker until your tanning session is complete.

Remove the sticker and check the difference in skin color to see the progress of your tan. Next time you tan, place another sticker that is the same shape in the same location as the last one.