Micro braids can last two to three months. While the style is low maintenance, removing the braids can be a time-consuming process. If the braids are not removed properly, it can cause breakage and other damage to your hair. Using the proper technique can reduce your removal time and minimize the chances of you damaging your hair.

Things You'll Need

Section off a group of braids and pull the rest back with a hair band.

Cut each braid in the section slightly above the knot but below your natural hair.

Soak your hair with warm water and apply a generous amount of conditioner to the braids from root to tip.

Take the comb and work your way up from the ends to the root of the hair. This will let the braid to slip out and prevent tangles from forming.

Wash and condition hair thoroughly. Then style as desired.


  • Have a friend cut the braids in the back of your head if you are unsure where your natural hair ends.

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