How to Take a Sexy Picture

By LeafTV Contributor

'You take pretty pictures' - a comment we all love to hear. But why stop at pretty, when you can have a sexy picture taken? Sexiness is something every woman (and man) encompasses, but sometimes we need a little help getting it out. Here are a few tips to take a great sexy picture anytime.

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Step 1

To appear more shapely, put space between your body and your arms. Try posing with your hands on your hips or crossed behind your head.

Step 2

Another pose to use is sticking out your butt and chest to make your body resemble an S-curve. This will make you look taller, thinner, and curvier.

Step 3

Wear that itty-bitty bikini or tiny top with short shorts to show more skin and your shape.

Step 4

Avoid soda, salt and alcohol right before taking pictures since they can cause bloating.

Step 5

For a more natural smile, laugh right before your picture is taken or look right into the camera and give a confident flirty smile. Now what can be sexier than you flaunting - YOU!