‘You take pretty pictures’ – a comment we all love to hear. But why stop at pretty, when you can have a sexy picture taken? Sexiness is something every woman (and man) encompasses, but sometimes we need a little help getting it out. Here are a few tips to take a great sexy picture anytime.

To appear more shapely, put space between your body and your arms. Try posing with your hands on your hips or crossed behind your head.

Another pose to use is sticking out your butt and chest to make your body resemble an S-curve. This will make you look taller, thinner, and curvier.

Wear that itty-bitty bikini or tiny top with short shorts to show more skin and your shape.

Avoid soda, salt and alcohol right before taking pictures since they can cause bloating.

For a more natural smile, laugh right before your picture is taken or look right into the camera and give a confident flirty smile. Now what can be sexier than you flaunting – YOU!


  • Love and embrace your figure – rather it is a size 6 or 16. Remember you are so beautiful the way God made you!!