How to Style Your Hair Like Antonio Banderas

By LeafTV Contributor

How to Style Your Hair Like Antonio Banderas's. Antonio Banderas makes women swoon all over the world. He has Latino roots, good looks and charm. One feature that sets him apart but that can be copied is his hairstyle. Here's how to have hair like Antonio Banderas.

Step 1

Grow your hair to chin or shoulder length. Color it dark brown or black to match Antonio Banderas's look.

Step 2

Have your hair cut in vertical layers where the bottom reaches no longer than the bottom of the shirt collar. Add bangs that go just below your eyes, angle the sides and blend the layers well.

Step 3

Wear your hair straight or curly; Antonio Banderas has naturally curly hair that he often straightens. If you hair is naturally straight, get a perm to add thickness and curl that will more closely resemble Antonio's look.

Step 4

Add pomade, mousse or gel to your hair and comb it through with a fine-tooth comb. This gives Antonio's signature wet appearance to the hair.

Step 5

Slick your hair back or pull it into a low ponytail when dressing up. Antonio Banderas is often photographed with way. The look can be pulled off by most face shapes when done correctly, although it looks best with a more defined jaw line.

Step 6

Use a diffuser on your hair dryer when wearing your hair down with curls. Apply the styling products when your hair is almost completely dry and style it away from your face. Use your hands to scrunch the curls into the desired style.