New short hairstyles are great if you don’t want to fuss much with hair. Short hair is good for hot climates and you’ll find short hair easier to color. You will have to be prepared to maintain your short hair, however, otherwise your style can become overgrown and hard to handle. It’s best to book haircut appointments every four to five weeks to avoid the potential for bad hair days. And don’t be concerned about your hair being one-dimensional — you can style your new short hairstyle with a variety of products to change up your look.

Things You'll Need

New short hairstyles are easy to style as long as you have a blow dryer, gel, mousse or hair spray. These products help to achieve your desired style as well as hold the look in place. Ask the stylist which styling aids will work best on your hair when you get your new short cut. The texture and density of your hair will help determine which products to use.

If you have thin, fine hair, and you want more volume to your hair, it’s best to use mousse as opposed to gel, because gel is heavier and can weigh hair down. You can thin gel out, however, to make it lighter. Do this by placing a dime-sized spot of gel in your hand and mix it with a little bit of water. Rub your hands together then apply the lighter gel to your hair gently, using your fingertips and working from the roots out.

Hair should be towel-dried and not full of water for best styling results, and subsequently blow-dried using a good styling brush, fingers or both. In addition, keep tension on the hair while drying it. The goal is to dry from the scalp out — if your hair stays damp at the scalp you will not be able to keep volume. Once your hair is dry, use hair spray on your roots or apply the spray to your fingers and target specific areas. Keep the spray at an arm’s-length distance when spraying for even coverage.

If short haircuts are styled properly they will hold all day, especially with a good freezing spray to set the style. Additionally, pay attention and ask questions when a stylist is styling your hair so you can learn her tricks and short cuts on how to style hair.

When you have a new short hairstyle that doesn’t require a volume boost, then comb the gel or mousse through and shape your hair into the desired style. It will take longer to let it dry naturally, but if you’re in no hurry it’s the best option. Alternatively, you can use a diffuser to dry faster and seal with freezing spray.