How to Style My Hair Like Monica Geller

By Cami L. Cox

Monica Geller, a neurotic but lovable character on the sitcom "Friends," has sported various hairdos during the show's 10-year run, but her signature layered shag, worn in various lengths, was constant throughout the show. You can customize your coiffure to look like Monica's in your own home, without the aid of a stylist.

It's fairly simple to give yourself a Monica-style haircut.

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Step 1

Comb out clean, damp hair. Try to make it as straight as possible.

Step 2

Tip your head upside down and comb your hair forward until it hangs straight down from the crown of your head.

Step 3

Gather your hair into a ponytail. Holding the base of the ponytail against the top of your head with one hand, begin twisting the ponytail with your other hand. Move your hands up, continuing to twist, until you've nearly reached the ends of your hair.

Step 4

Grip the end of your twisted ponytail and hold the twist straight out from the crown of your head, pulling it taut.

Step 5

Cut the hair off evenly, straight through the twist, at the length you want using sharp hair-cutting scissors. Cut your hair 8 to 10 inches from the crown of your head if you want longer layers; cut 6 to 7 inches from the crown of your head for a shoulder-length style. Do not cut less than 5 inches from your scalp or the hairstyle will be very short. If you have long hair and only want slight layering, cut just an inch or two from the end of the twist.

Step 6

Release the ponytail. Your hair will now fall in layers.

Step 7

Style your new 'do using the hair products you normally use, adding them to your damp hair. Flip your hair forward and blow-dry until the hair is damp-dry.

Step 8

Curl the ends of the hair under a round barrel brush as you continue to blow-dry. Do this by twisting the brush slightly toward your face as you brush through the hair and blow-dry from the outside. Continue doing this until all your hair is curled under and fluffy. For a more pronounced curl, curl the ends of your dry hair under with a large-barrel curling iron.

Step 9

Brush or comb your hair back away from your face to feather it. Set your new Monica style with a few shots of hairspray, if desired.