Comb coils are a type of dreadlock usually styled into ethnic hair. This hairstyle can take some time to create, however there are tools out there designed to speed up the process. The following steps will show you how to style hair with comb coils.

Things You'll Need

Moisten the hair lightly to make it damp.

Separate the hair into small sections with a comb in the shape of a triangle, diamond, square or circle. Take a small area and comb it well until it is free from tangles.

Find a good styling gel that does not contain alcohol and apply it to the section of hair and put a rattail comb at the roots at this section of hair.

Slide the comb up from the root very slowly while you are turning the comb gently clockwise. Turn it carefully and gently to make sure you do not twist it too tight.

Continue in this manner until the comb is completely out of the section of hair. You should now have a comb coil in the hair.

Repeat this procedure until all of the hair is completed and coiled.


  • You can purchase a comb coil comb called Bonika Shears, which coils and twists the hair into comb coils in half the time.