How to Style Hair Like George Clooney

By LeafTV Editor

George Clooney made his start on television, but it wasn't long before he made his mark in the film world. This Academy Award winner often changes his look for film roles, but a few things remain constant. To style your hair like this actor, embrace your grey and go for a close cut.

  • Curl enhancing serum
  • Blow dryer
  • Diffuser

Cut the hair closely to the head to create shorter hairstyle. Leave the top and sides a little fuller to give the appearance of thick hair, such as the look Clooney sported in "Ocean's 11."

Trim the sideburns to a middle length, just above the bottom of the earlobe. The sideburns can be a little longer, which is how Clooney typically wears them on screen.

Rub a curl enhancing serum like Be Curly from Aveda in your hands and rub it on damp hair. Run your hands through the hair to evenly distribute the serum.

Place a part in the hair on the right side, as close to the temples as possible. The serum you used earlier should hold the part.

Dry the hair completely using a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment. The diffuser will help prevent any frizzy parts you might see and add some volume.

Use your hands and fingers to scrunch the hair and make it look slightly rumpled or wavy. Clooney benefits from having naturally wavy hair, but this step makes his hair look even better.

Leave any traces of grey and skip the hair dye. Clooney embraced his salt and pepper locks quite awhile ago and it's one of his signature looks.