How to Style Hair Like Ashton Kutcher

By LeafTV Editor

Ashton Kutcher is a heartthrob to many and part of his good looks stems from his hair style. Usually worn a little bit long and in styles that vary Ashton always seems to spend some time on his hair. He changes his style often, which usually starts a trend, so here's how to style your hair like Ashton Kutcher.


Keep hair a little bit long like Ashton. Razor cut hair to about chin length since he most often sports longer hair with layers. Have your stylist add side swept bangs. Get regular trims to keep your hair in a shape that's easy to style.

Brush hair downward with bangs straight and touching your eyebrows for a playful Ashton Kutcher look. Or sweep bangs to the side and comb hair back for a more masculine appearance. These styles look best on a face with high cheekbones and can cover up a large forehead. Hair with a slight wave enhances this look.

Use hair gel or mousse on wet, clean hair to start with and blow dry hair into place. Add a wax or pomade to style your layers with your fingers once almost completely dry to create definition.

Create a slightly messy look to layers and scatter them around the front of his face without being in your eyes. Mist your hair with water and restore the look with your fingers if your hair becomes too dry or fluffy.

Look at pictures of Ashton as a guide both for your stylist to know how to cut and for you to get ideas on styling your hair like him. Keep your eyes open because he often tries something different.