There are few garments as versatile as a plain V-neck tee. Although V-necks differ in neckline depth, this style is categorized as a unisex item. Available in a variety of colors, the V-neck also differs in shape ranging from form-fitting silhouettes to a boxy look for a relaxed style. Create an elegant or casual vibe by styling the versatile V-neck tee with pieces in your everyday wardrobe.


Choose your styling vibe before combining your V-neck with your ensemble. For instance, if you want to create an elegant look, tuck in a solid color V-neck tee into a high-waist skirt or pencil skirt. Finish the style with a toned-down accessory like a choker or long-chain necklace. If you choose to wear a deep V-neckline, be mindful of the skirt length. For daytime wear pair the deep V-neck with a knee length skirt; for a night on the town, dare to wear an ultra miniskirt.

Jackets & Blazers

Colored denim bottoms routinely show up in runway shows, regardless of the season. Borrow this trend by pairing a black V-neck tee with a charcoal convertible-collar blazer, red jeans and booties. If you choose to tuck in the V-neck, add a skinny belt. For a soft weekend look in springtime, pair coral skinny jeans with a white or gray V-neck and cream blazer.


For women that prefer traditional jeans to bright colored bottoms, wear the V-neck with your favorite wash shade. Whether you choose a light or dark wash, you can easily pair your denim with a graphic or bold-color V-neck tee. Create a casual ensemble by wearing a graphic tee with jeans and ballet flats or embellished sandals. On cool days, skip the short-sleeved V-neck and opt for a heather-gray long-sleeved version, pairing it with ripped jeans for an on-trend look.

Men’s V-Neck Tee

While some men may hesitate to don a V-neck tee, erase the fashion paranoia by selecting the proper fit. Guys should make sure that the V-shape falls below your Adam’s apple, sits above your chest and that the fit streamlines your torso. Though this style is available in a variety of colors, men’s magazines often feature white, gray, blue and black. For a polished look, try a charcoal gray V-neck with a dark blazer and white jeans for a seaside dinner date. Run your weekend errands in style by pairing the V-neck with an unbuttoned flannel shirt, jeans and a brown leather belt.