The beehive hairdo started in the 1960’s and was the first “original” hair style in decades; it became wildly popular. The beehive is characterized by “big” hair that’s tall, not wide. Hair is curled, teased and sprayed into place; the higher the better. Here are some tips so you, too, can wear a big beehive hair style.

Things You'll Need

The Beehive Set

Shampoo and towel dry your hair as usual. Apply setting lotion, if setting your hair in curlers. Remove the curlers when your hair is dry, but do not comb out.

Use a light spritzer setting lotion if using a curling iron to curl your hair. Make sure the lotion is specific for curling irons to reduce damage to the hair. Do not comb out the curls after curling, allow them to cool.

Spray the roots of your hair with hair spray, by lifting the curls and spraying underneath them. After the hair spray has dried, use your fingers to “comb out” the curls.

The Beehive Style

Place the bobby pins, hair pins, hair spray and rat tail comb within easy reach. Position yourself in front of a mirror and have a hand held mirror to look at the back of your hair when needed.

Pull the hair from the forehead back to the crown into a large hair clip. The hair at the crown and down to the ears is styled last, and placing it in a clip will keep it out of your way.

Comb the hair from the nape of the neck and behind the ears up to the top of your head, about an inch below the crown. Do not comb out the end of the curl, only the base. Place bobby pins horizontally across the back of your head to hold the hair up. Bobby pins can be hooked together or placed in an “x” position to hold the beehive hair style in place.

Style the curled ends into swirls and secure them with hair spray and hair pins. Start with the bottom curl and attach it just below the bobby pin line using a hair pin. Attach each successive layer of curls to the previous curl until all the hair you’ve pulled up in the back has been curled and styled. Spray generously with hair spray.

Remove the large hair clip holding the hair from the forehead to the crown. Tease or back-comb small sections at a time using the rat tail comb. Tease only the root section of the hair, not the curled ends. Start about 2 inches up from the root. After the front hair has been teased, spray generously with hair spray.

Start with the hair closest to the crown and with the end of the rat tail comb, pull only the ends of the curls towards the previously styled curls. The object is to swirl the hair from the crown into the curls, continuing to “build” the curls or swirls and height.

Save the front half of the teased hair to style towards your face for a finished look. After all the hair is in place, spray it again very generously with hair spray to withstand wind gusts.


  • For a sleek, sophisticated look, use a French Twist as the base for a beehive hairdo.