How to Stretch the Width of Leather Boots

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Leather boots are a great investment; they look fabulous, and if cared for properly they can last a long time. Occasionally, they can be a little tight, but by using a shoe stretch spray and a shoe stretcher, you can increase the width of your leather boots to make them more comfortable. It is easy to do at home, and is more affordable then taking them to a cobbler.

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How To Stretch The Width Of Leather Boots

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Stretching the Boots

Apply the shoe stretch spray to your boot; be sure to get the spray into the seams. If you are using isopropyl alcohol instead of shoe stretch spray, douse cotton balls with isopropyl alcohol and rub over your boot.

Grasp the handle of the stretcher and insert it into the boot with the toe part facing the toe of the boot, just as if you were putting your foot into the boot. The long handle allows you to easily adjust the stretcher once it is in the base of the boot.

Once the stretcher is inserted into the boot, it works by slowly expanding and stretching the leather of the boot as you turn the crank. You do not need two separate stretchers; one will work for both the left and the right foot.

Slowly turn the crank on the boot stretcher until you reach what you think will be a comfortable width.

Leave the expanded stretcher in the boot for several hours or even overnight. Try the boot on; if it doesn't feel comfortable, repeat the procedure. If it is comfortable, repeat all the steps with the remaining boot.