Keratin is fibrous structural protein, the key material making up the outer layer of skin, nails and hair. According to, many people became concerned about the keratin-straightening treatments because of the high levels of formaldehyde, a cancer-causing chemical. Now there are keratin treatments made without formaldehyde or other chemicals. One such such popular treatment is the “Brazilian Blowout” hair-straightening treatment. The treatment is applied much like hair color, then the hair is dried with a blow-dryer and straightened with a straightening iron. The treatment lasts three to five months.

Things You'll Need

Shampoo hair with the keratin shampoo and towel dry.

Brush on the keratin-straightening product with applicator brush, completely saturating the hair. Comb through.

Cover hair with a plastic cap for 10 minutes.

Gently brush through hair with brush-dryer till completely dry.

Seal in your treatment by using a flat straightening iron throughout your hair.


  • Don’t wash your hair for three days in order to give the keratin time to seal into the hair.

  • Remember to use keratin shampoos.

  • Swimming pools and products with sodium chloride could damage your treatment.

  • Avoid wearing a ponytail as this could cause a bend in the straight hair.