Australian Ugg boots are extremely popular, especially among teenagers and women. Since these sheepskin boots are relatively expensive, most people want their Uggs to last them more than one season. When not in use, there are certain ways to store Uggs so they won’t become faded, dirty or misshapen. Whether they are the classic, knit or casual design, storing Ugg boots properly will ensure they stay in good shape season after season.

Things You'll Need

Clean your Uggs. You need to clean all the dirt and debris on your Uggs or else it becomes embedded in the boot over time. Spray Ugg boot cleaner on the outside of the boots and gently wipe off according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Brush out remaining dirt. Loosen any remaining dirt by brushing the outside of the boots with a suede or nubuck brush. Using medium pressure, brush in a circular motion to loosen dirt from all angles.

Raise the nap. The cleaning process mats down the raised hairs on the suede, called the nap. To get the nap to stand back up, apply gentle pressure with a suede or nubuck brush, brushing in a straight motion, away from your body.

Clean the inside of the boot. Sprinkle baking soda on the inside of the boot and allow it to sit for 24 hours to remove odors. Shake them upside down to remove excess baking soda.

Insert shaft supports. These simply slip into the inside of the boot and maintain their shape while in storage. Shaft supports prevent creases and wrinkles from forming on the outside of your Uggs.

Put them in a boot storage box. These boxes are tall and wide enough to accommodate Ugg boots. Lay them sideways in the box and close the lid tightly.


  • Always use a deodorizing foot powder. If your Uggs became really smelly while you wore them, sprinkle deodorizing foot powder on the inside of them after before storing to prevent the smell from spreading to the entire boot.