Lemon water is commonly used for cleaning purposes and consumed as a beverage. The highly acidic nature of lemon juice preserves lemon water and helps to prevent mold growth. The sealed container of lemon water will not evaporate and alter the concentration levels. A lemon water mixture can be stored for months and accessed only when it is needed. Save time by making large lemon water batches and storing the extra volume of the blend.

Things You'll Need

Pour the lemon water into a clean container that can be sealed. Use a funnel if the container has a narrow opening.

Wipe the rim of the container dry with a paper towel. Seal the container of lemon water securely.

Move the container to a cool, dark and dry place. Place the sealed lemon water container into the refrigerator if it is intended for human consumption. Reseal and replace the container after each use.


  • Sweeten lemon water in the individual glass instead of adding sugar to the storage container.

  • Lemon water can be substituted with lime water for many beverage and cleaning applications.

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