A fresh batch of homemade ice cream is easily distinguishable from most store-bought varieties due to its soft, fluffy texture. Unfortunately, this texture often transforms into a hard, solid mass of ice cream after it spends more than a two or three days in the freezer. Hard ice cream can be difficult to scoop and not as satisfying to eat. A single additive can prevent this problem and even fix ice cream that is already frozen solid.

Things You'll Need

Mix the ice cream ingredients together according to the recipe.

Add vodka to the ice cream mixture at a rate of 2 tbsp. of 80 proof vodka for every 1 quart of ice cream mixture. Mix it thoroughly with a spoon or whisk. Since alcohol has a lower freezing point, it helps the ice cream retain a soft, smooth consistency.

Pour the ice cream mixture in the ice cream machine and freeze it according to the recommended time for the recipe.

Store the ice cream in an airtight container and put keep it near the front of the freezer rather than the very back. The front of the freezer tends to be warmer than the back.


  • Vodka can also be added to already frozen ice cream. Allow the ice cream to soften before you mix in the vodka so it’s easier to stir.

  • Use plain vodka as it doesn’t affect the flavor of the ice cream. Flavored vodka can be used as an extra flavoring agent. Vodkas are available in sweet flavors such as cotton candy, whipped cream and several fruit flavors.