Rich in potassium and vitamins, bananas are a healthy and tasty snack that are often used in cakes, desserts and salads. While best enjoyed before they fully ripen, once peeled and exposed to air bananas will quickly turn brown and soften, which often reduces their visual appeal and loses some of their taste. Bananas are preserved best in a refrigerator instead of a display bowl at room temperature; although the skin will go brown the fruit itself will remain edible and fresh for several days.

Things You'll Need

Place the bananas in the refrigerator as soon as you return home from the store in order to preserve their taste and appearance for the maximum amount of time.

Pour some lemon juice into a bowl.

Remove the bananas from the refrigerator immediately before you plan to consume or cook them and position them on a plate.

Peel the bananas and throw the skin in the garbage bin so it does not attract flies.

Slice the bananas with the knife if you do not want to eat them whole or wish to use them for a cake or dessert.

Dip the whole or sliced bananas in the lemon juice as soon as they are peeled.

Eat the bananas as soon as possible or use them in a recipe.

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