Firaus oil is a type of oil mix make with a collection of minerals, oils and vitamins specifically designed to stimulate hair growth, such as jojoba oil and tea tree oil. You can use the oil to stimulate the growth of hair on the head or face, or any other place that hair naturally grows. Using this oil will not help develop hair where it does not naturally grow, such as on a young boy’s face. There is no scientific proof that using this oil to stimulate facial hair growth actually works, but the oil is inexpensive and you may think it is worth it to try. You can use this oil method with or without existing facial hair.

Things You'll Need

Wash your face using your regular cleansing methods.

Pour a small amount of the oil onto a makeup sponge until the sponge is saturated. Rub the oil onto the face where you want hair to start growing. Massage the oil into the face with the sponge or your fingertips until the oil is completely absorbed, or for at least three minutes.

Wipe away any excess oil with a soft cloth. Do not wash away the oil.

Repeat the process morning and night. Discontinue use if the oil starts to cause break outs, a rash or other skin problems. You should start to see additional hair results within six weeks. If there are no improvements after 12 weeks, then the oil does not work on your skin.