Steaming a large artichoke is among the best ways to preserve the vegetable’s health benefits. One large artichoke contains only 25 calories and no fat. Artichokes are also a good source of vitamin C and fiber, and have been found to be high in antioxidants. Steaming a large artichoke can be accomplished easily using just a pot of water and a steamer basket.

Things You'll Need

Rinse the artichokes under cold water.

Peel off any outer layers that are tough, small or discolored. With a stainless steel knife, trim around the base of the artichoke and cut off the stem, the top quarter of the vegetable and any sharp petals.

Fill a large bowl with water and the juice from half a lemon. Add the trimmed artichokes to the water to help preserve their color. Let sit until ready to steam.

Fill a large pot with 1 to 2 inches of water, cover and bring to a boil. Once boiling, uncover the pot and place the steamer basket on top of it. Then place the artichokes in the steamer basket. Arrange the artichokes in a single layer with the bottoms facing up.

Cover the pot again and allow the artichokes to steam until they are tender, which will take about 20 to 40 minutes, or when they can be pierced easily with a knife. The larger the artichoke, the more time it will need.

Drain the steamed artichokes before eating them.