Pancakes that are soggy or falling apart are not very appealing or yummy. When making pancakes, it is important for them to be stable. To accomplish this, there are a few tips to keep in mind so that your pancakes come out being cooked to perfection.

Flip the pancake only when the edges have hardened and small bubbles appear on the surface. Flipping your pancake too early will result in a gooey pancake that may not cook all the way through, becoming unstable.

Use any type of vegetable oil or cooking spray on the surface of your pan. Do not use regular butter, as it evaporates very quickly and may cause your pancakes to stick to the pan, ripping or tearing as you try to flip them.

Avoid pressing down on the pancakes while they cook. While this technique causes them to cook faster, it will also stretch the pancake out too thin, causing it to crack and fall apart.

Use only a moderate amount of syrup for your pancakes. Too much syrup, while delicious, may cause the pancake to turn into a soggy mush, greatly reducing the stability of your pancake stack.

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