Although you may want a bargain on those stylish Coach sunglasses, a price that’s too low to be true may indicate that you’re actually buying a pair of fake Coach Sunglasses. Consider the following methods to differentiate the authentic products from the frauds and avoid rip offs by learning to spot fake Coach Sunglasses.

Head to a Coach store to study the characteristics of authentic models to help you spot fake Coach sunglasses. For example, note where the logo sits (in front or behind the hinge), if the logo is printed or on a small plate and whether the trademark Coach interlocking “C” design is printed inside the glasses or not.

Familiarize yourself with the various styles of Coach sunglasses, even bringing old catalogs with you to shop. Know the style number for the sunglasses you’re interested in-authentic Coach sunglasses often feature the Coach logo, style name, number in parenthesis and color inside the ear piece. This way, a fake won’t fool you if a retailer tries to pass off a pair that you’ve never seen before as an off-season bargain.

Study the workmanship of the cheap Coach sunglasses you’re considering. If they seem too lightweight, have hinges that are misaligned, feature a logo that’s already chipping or a logo plate that’s adhered slightly crooked, they’re most likely fake Coach sunglasses.

Ensure the Coach sunglasses come with a hard snap case embossed with the Coach logo or covered with Coach fabric with the company logo embossed inside the top lid. Fake Coach sunglasses may come in clear plastic bags or plain, flimsy plastic slip sleeves.

Ask the seller to send you new, close-up photos of the actual Coach sunglasses they’re selling if the image on bidding site or online store comes from the Coach catalog or website. They should be able to provide shots of the logo, interior ear pieces and identification or model number, if any.


  • To ensure you’re buying authentic Coach glasses and avoid having to spot fake Coach sunglasses, shop at licensed Coach dealers and retailers such as Coach stores, Nordstrom or even your optometrist’s office.