Fingernail fungus is not at all enjoyable. It makes your nails turn odd colors and it can make your feet smell horrible. Most nail fungus come from wearing socks and shoes that are very sweaty and also using a shower after someone who currently has a nail fungus. It’s important to know the symptoms of nail fungus so you can get it treated quickly.

Check the color of the nail. Some types of fungus can cause discoloration of the nail resulting in the nail looking anywhere from a shade of yellow to a shade of brown. If color like this is seen, you should begin treatment right away before the fungus progresses. If you are a woman, you should check the color of your nails each time you remove your nail polish.

Examine the thickness of your nails. Another type of fungus is when your nails begin to thicken. Some people just happen to have thick nails. This does not mean they have a fungus. But if you normally have thin nails and you begin to see a change, be fairly certain that you have a fungus.

Test the strength of your nails. Healthy nails can be bent or they can even break. But if your nails are actually crumbling at the ends, that is a sign of a fungus that has progressed. In the case of crumbling nails, you should make an appointment at a podiatrist as soon as possible.

Look at the connection between your nail and the skin under it. If the nail has begun to separate from the skin, it can indicate that a fungus is brewing. Even if you don’t exhibit any of the other signs of a fungal infection, have your doctor check it out anyway.