Buying a designer bag can be a dream come true for some women. For every designer bag, there are at least twice as many fakes. Some fakes may even be decent quality. Don’t waste hard-earned money on a handbag that is a rip-off. Follow the tips below for spotting a fake designer handbag.

Purchase from an authorized seller. Most likely this will be a small boutique selling designer goods or an upscale department store. Make sure the store is well-established and reliable, with a good reputation. Avoid buying online, where the bag really can’t be seen well or touched.

Look closely at the hardware of the handbag. The metal should be a good quality metal, and should somewhat match the color of the purse. Look closely at the zipper. The zipper pull usually has the logo on it.

Examine the fabric liner. Not only will the fabric be good, but very carefully placed so that designs in the fabric will not overlap, or even be sewn into the seams. The liner fabric in designer bags always goes along with the overall design of the bag and should be neat and aesthetically pleasing.

Feel the quality of the leather. Designer bags will always be made of good quality leather. It will be fine, soft to the touch and have a distinct smell. Over-processed leather is often shiny, hard and stiff.

Look for the logos. The logos will never be printed uneven, or cut off anywhere. Logos are also placed in many areas on an authentic handbag. Look for them in and out of the purse, on the zipper pulley, even engraved into the metal pieces.

Know what price to expect and what price is too good to be true. If someone is selling an authentic Louis Vuitton, it should cost well over a thousand dollars, not only a couple hundred.