So you think you can spot a fake Coach, think again… Did you know people pay between 60-100$ for top quality AAA fakes all the time and sell them everyday for hundred of dollars on popular auction websites. I’ll tell you how to spot that fake, even a AAA quality fake everytime!

Things You'll Need

Leather –

Real Coach has all real leather trim – ALWAYS. In fact, Coach has been known for choosing top quality leathers.

Did you know? …Many AAA fakes have REAL leather as well. However Real Coach leather is usually soft to the touch, whereas fake coach bags use a cheaper quality leather.

Hardware –

All hardware on the bag will match, even the zippers on the inside. If the bag has a silver zipper, then every other piece of hardware should be silver. If it is brushed brass, then every other piece should be brushed brass (solid brass, not plated) Brass is very heavy for its size so the hardware should feel solid and heavy.

Did you know? …Many people think that if the hardware has “Coach” engraved into it then it must be authentic…WRONG!

Zippers – Most authentic coach bags have strong sturdy YKK zippers. They always match the other hardware. I have seen a few authentic coach bags without the YKK marking on the zipper, but most do.

Did you know? …Many AAA quality fakes have YKK zippers too! However most authentic coach bags have the YKK zipper on the inside zip pocket and most of the fakes will use a cheap zipper inside the bag.
(example, the authentic 11689 does not have YKK on the outside zipper, but most importantly it is engraved on the inside zipper)

Stitching –

Check the stitching. Authentic Coach would never sell a bag with crooked or uneven stitches. Most fake Coach bags have areas where the stitching is a little off or uneven. This is one of the easiest ways to spot a fake – BAD stitching

Fabric –

The signature fabric (the C’s) will always be symmetrical on the bag, never off-centered or crooked. Most of the time, the C’s on an authentic bag will line up at the seams. On the bag you are wanting to buy, know the exact placement of where the C’s should be on the bag. Authentic Coach will always specifically place the C’s in the same place on every bag that is the same model and number.

Did you know? …Most AAA fake bags will be lined up on the seams as well but they are sometimes off-centered to keep from wasting fabric

Fabric continued…

Authentic Coach has a specific type of fabric that they use for their signature designs. It is tightly woven and has a specific thread count. I have seen fake bags that would have almost fooled me except for the fabric. The weave in Authentic Coach’s signature fabrics run in one direction from side to side. Most top quality fakes may run in the opposite direction, if not then you would have to see it in person to distinguish it from the authentic. This is something that almost has to be seen in person to understand but here is an image of what I am talking about.

Lining –

The easiest way to spot a fake is the lining color. Authentic Coach will have a designated color lining for each style, each season. For example, the 11689 bag has a lavender lining. A bag like this is for sale on a popular website and matches all the criteria for an authentic bag, except, the lining is brown! That’s a sign that it is FAKE! See how tricky it can be.


  • Fake Coach bags may meet one or all of these criteria, but REAL authentic Coach should meet ALL of this criteria every time!

  • If your buying on a site like ebay, it can be difficult to distinguish a real from a fake, but if you see from the pictures that the lining is a different color than all of the other bags or that the hardware doesn’t match, or that the C’s are off-centered, know that it is FAKE and report it to ebay!

  • The safest way to buy a bag online is the official coach website of course. However, you can buy a used bag and save a lot of money on popular auction sites but please research the seller AND the bag before you buy. Know every detail about the bag before you buy (lining color, C’s placement on the fabric, etc.) If they are not willing to show you many pictures that are clear and focused then do not buy from them. There are a lot of honest sellers who only sell authentic bags and you can find them if you try.