If you are in the mood for some outdoor summer fun, why not add a spiked watermelon to your outdoor festivities? Spiked watermelons can be tasty and refreshing in the summer heat. Use this process to add vodka, tequila, fruit-flavored liqueur or even white wine to your watermelon the day before you want to enjoy it. You can also make a kids version by infusing a melon with punch or juice. Just be sure to keep the alcohol-soaked watermelon away from children and nondrinkers.

Things You'll Need

Place the watermelon on the counter on its most stable side to keep it from rolling.

Cut a half-dollar-size circular hole in the top of the watermelon, just big enough to hold the mouth of the vodka bottle. Keep the cut-out to act as a plug later. Use a long skewer to poke channels down into the fruit in different directions, being careful to avoid piercing the rind.

Use two people to place the watermelon on top of the vodka bottle so that the bottle is inside the watermelon. Carefully flip over the melon so the bottle is upside down and the contents of the bottle can slowly seep into the watermelon. Alternatively, you can use a funnel to pour a little vodka at a time into the opening.

Place the melon in the sink to avoid any spillage. If the bottle is not secure, prop it up with something. As the alcohol seeps into the watermelon, the bottle gets lighter and may tip.

Allow the entire bottle to drain into the watermelon. Once the bottle is empty, use the rind to plug the hole and move the melon to the refrigerator to sit overnight.

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