If you love the flavor of smoked meats, like so many people do, you should get an electric smoker and try your hand at it. The process is easy and worthwhile, giving you plenty of options for different types of meats. Smoking meat with an electric smoker can be done virtually year-round.

Things You'll Need

Season, inject, brine or rub the meat of your choice before setting up the smoker.

Fill the water pan about half way with hot water and place back in the smoker.

Wrap 2 or 3 chunks of smoke wood in foil, and place one of the wrapped wood chunks near the electric element, but do not let it touch it.

Place your seasoned meat in the smoker.

Put the lid on the smoker, plug it in and set the temperature to 225 degrees F, if you have a temperature control.

When the first chunk of wood is smoked down to ash, take it out and replace it for the second. Do the same with the third chunk of wood, if needed.

Leave the lid on for the first half of your smoke time. Baste or sauce your meat for the last half of smoking, opening as infrequently as possible.

Using a meat thermometer, take the temperature of the meat to ensure it is done before removing from the smoker.


  • Do not remove the lid during at least the first half of your smoking time to get the best flavor. Basting is most efficient in the last half of smoking.

  • The smaller the cut of meat, the higher you should place it on your smoker racks, and the larger

  • the cut of meat, the lower you should place it.