Using bronzer as a daily part of your makeup routine is a great way to slim your face. Practice is the key to getting bronzer in the right places to give you a slim look. Use mineral, liquid or powder bronzer to achieve the results you desire.

Things You'll Need

Start with a clean face. Apply concealer and foundation to even out skin tone and hide blemishes.

Use a bronzer that is just darker than your skin tone with minimal shimmer. Start with a small amount of bronzer, and increase the amounts as needed.

Apply bronzer to your cheek bones first. Apply bronzer under the cheek bones from the hairline to the apple of the cheek. Gradually increase the thickness of the line of bronzer as it gets closer to the cheek.

Add bronzer to your temples to slim a wide or round forehead.

Brush bronzer down the sides of the nose to slim it. Put a touch of bronzer on the tip of your nose to make it appear smaller.

Shade your jaw line to mask a double chin. Apply bronzer to your jaw ,and blend it well. Blend the bronzer so that it is not evident where it begins and ends.

Blend all areas of bronzer well. Apply the remainder of your makeup as usual.


  • Use eye makeup to make the eyes look larger and further slim your face.

  • Use a bold, glossy lip color to plump your lips and make your face look smaller.