The white, moist meat of chicken is a versatile protein. It is complimented by a variety of herbs, spices and seasonings and is used in almost every cuisine around the world. However, while chicken can be cooked whole or simply as a breast, slicing the meat before cooking it is fast and simple means of pre-preparing the chicken. Purchasing pre-sliced chicken breast is expensive however, cutting your own is simple if you know the right steps and have the right tools on hand.

Things You'll Need

Rinse the chicken breast thoroughly under running water.

Pat the breast dry with a paper towel.

Cut off any excess fat or gristle from the meat.

Wrap the breast in plastic wrap, tightly sealing it.

Place the breast in the freezer and let it cool for 30 minutes to an hour, so it is not completely frozen, but firm to the touch.

Remove the chicken breast from the freezer, unwrap it from the plastic wrap and place it on the cutting board.

Slice it into even slices, slicing with the grain, which runs from tip to tip. Make slices in whatever the width you desire.


  • Freeze the sliced chicken breast in sealable plastic bags in order to have an easy and quick protein to add to sauces and other dishes, when needed.

  • Add the sliced chicken breast to any recipe and cook it, whether by poaching, grilling or pan frying.