When you slaughter your own chickens for food, it may be difficult to follow through when you think about inflicting pain on these small, feathered animals. However, the quicker you do it, the less painful and more humane it is. Knowing how to kill a chicken in a quick and humane fashion gives you the ability to home-raise your own meat without feeling too guilty about it.

Things You'll Need

Grasp the chicken by the feet and turn her upside down.

Tie one end of the nylon cord to the chicken’s feet in a double knot. Tie the other end of the cord around a tree limb so as to hang the chicken upside down.

Grasp the chicken’s head with gloves to prevent being bitten or pecked.

Place your thumb on the backside of the knife’s blade while aiming the blade at the chicken’s jugular.

Cut through the neck firmly while you hold the head of the chicken. Try to get the blade through the neck in one cut. Let the chicken hang and bleed out, which removes impurities from the chicken’s body before it is butchered.