Dansko dress shoes are some of the most comfortable, versatile and fashionable available. But they can be a little tricky when it comes to getting the right size. Since all Dansko shoes, even the dressier styles, are based on the makeup of the basic clog, they tend to be a tad clunky and roomy, which is exactly how they are supposed to fit.

Translate your American shoe size. Dansko are available in the European sizes rather than standard American shoe sizes. Do a quick translation by simply adding 30 to your own shoe size. For instance, if you wear a women’s size 8, start with a size 38.

Fine tune the translation. If you wear a half size, such as 8.5, go to the next size up, which would be 39.

Consider the width. Dansko are usually medium width, but some of the clunky styles may feel wider, making a smaller size more comfortable.

Consider the stockings. Decide what type of stockings you will be wearing most often with the shoe. Thick, wool tights may dictate a larger size than bare feet.

Test them. Try on the shoe at least twice before wearing it full time. Wear it around carpet once in the morning, when your feet are at their smallest, and again in the evening, when your feet are most swollen from a day of being on them. Wear the stockings you would normally wear with the shoes.


  • Don’t expect a tight fit at all. Your foot may actually lift out of the foot bed with a Dansko proper fit.

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