Many gardeners find themselves with an overabundance of zucchini squash during the last half of the summer. After eating and preparing as much zucchini as possible, most people decide to shred and freeze zucchini squash for use throughout the cold winter months. Zucchini squash is easy to shred and freeze with little preparation necessary before freezing. Freeze the shredded zucchini in small freezer bags so you can thaw only what you need for cooking and baking.

Things You'll Need

Wash the zucchini squash under cool water.

Place the zucchini onto the cutting board and use the paring knife to cut both ends off each zucchini. Discard the ends.

Cut the zucchini into pieces that will fit into your food processor if you will be shredded it in a food processor. There is no need to cut the zucchini if you will be shredding it with a cheese grater.

Shred the zucchini in the food processor or with the cheese grater.

Place the shredded zucchini into the colander to drain for several minutes. Press several sheets of paper towels down over the shredded zucchini in the colander to absorb as much of the liquid from the zucchini as possible.

Place approximately two cups of shredded zucchini into each freezer bag. Squeeze as much air as possible from the bags before zipping them closed.

Write the contents and the date onto each freezer bag and place them into the freezer. Use the frozen shredded zucchini within three months.