Rather than fighting hair loss, some men choose to embrace it and shave their head clean. Others may just prefer the look or the no-hassle style. No matter what their reason for opting to go bald, all men risk ingrown hairs and skin irritation when they shave their heads. Using the proper techniques, however, reduces the odds they’ll encounter these problems.

Things You'll Need

Cut your hair with scissors or clippers as close to your scalp as possible. Don’t worry about whether it’s even; you’ll be going back over it with a razor later anyway. However, cutting your hair first will make your head much easier to shave.

Wet your hair thoroughly. This softens your hair, making it easier for the razor to cut it, and reduces the odds that you’ll wind up with razor bumps or ingrown hairs.

Apply shaving cream or shaving oil to your entire scalp and massage it in well. Pay special attention to the back of your head as this is where the most coarse hairs are.

Think of your head as having six sections: Left side, right side, left side back, right side back, back, top. Find the section that has the thinnest hair.

Lay the razor on an edge of the section and pull — don’t dig into your scalp in an attempt to get the closest shave possible. Go with the grain of the your hair to reduce the risk of irritation, or go against the grain to get a closer shave. Work from one side of the section to the other until the entire area has been shaved. Then move on to the remaining section that has the thinnest hair, and repeat until you have shaved all six sections.

Run your hand over your entire head to feel for missed sections. Shave those areas. Then, rinse your head and apply aftershave.

Apply a non-pore-clogging lotion and apply to your scalp. Shaving will cause your head to dry, especially when you apply the aftershave.


  • The best way to shave is get a blade especially made for a head, such as the HeadBlade.

  • Select a shaving cream made for heads and/or both heads and beards.

  • The best technique is to simply lay the razor on your head and pull, don’t dig in.