Using a buzzer to cut hair is an art. If you’ve practiced your skills with a buzzer by giving friends basic cuts, begin experimenting with a willing buddy on your razor-design skills. To shave a shooting star on a person’s head, you’ll need to have a clear vision before you begin cutting, then proceed with care and patience.

Things You'll Need

Start on a friend with a short buzz cut. The shorter the original haircut, the easier it will be to shave a design into it. Buzz your friend’s head with a No. 1 on your clipper guard where you’ll be putting the design.

Sketch the outline of the shooting star on a piece of paper so that you and your friend can agree on the design before you begin. Include the tail of the shooting star and the star itself. Make the design as simple as possible while still rendering the image clearly.

Shave the outline of your sketch onto your friend’s head. Use your clippers without a guard so that you’re shaving all the hair off wherever you press the blade. Start with the tail of the shooting star. Press the blade to the head where you want your first line, then lift it directly up and off the head. A straight line will be shaved into the buzz cut.

Press the blade parallel to the first line to create the second line on the tail of the shooting star. Rather than “draw” as you would with a pen and paper, press the clipper where you want to create a line, then pick it up off the head and observe the position of the shave. Press and lift to draw the entire picture.

Wet the hair and observe your rough outline. There will be places where your outline breaks, or where there is still hair in between the lines of the drawing.

Comb the damp hair downward to get a better view of what the design looks like. Comb the hair in the direction the wearer naturally combs his hair.

Define the design with your straight-edge razor. Press your razor to the rough spots in the design and slowly scrape away the leftover hair. Wherever you scrap the straight edge, there will be no hair left. Detail the design with slow, small scrapes. Brush off the hair continually as you go to view the design.


  • Shave less than you think with the buzzer, then detail with the razor. You can always shave more, but you can’t take it back if you shave too much.