A tulle bustle is a cute addition to any costume. Dancers sometimes sew them onto their skirts and shorts for practice and performances. Though not extremely difficult, creating your own tulle bustle for shorts does require a basic knowledge of sewing. If you aren’t confident in your abilities, you can often buy them from dance supply websites.

Things You'll Need

Measure the shorts with the measuring tape from hip to hip across the back. If the shorts are made with a stretchy material, you may want to put them on and have a friend do the measuring.

Cut a strip of fabric that is 2 inches wide and as long as the measurement you took in Step 1.

Fold multiple layers of tulle over each other to create your desired look, or use the one you bought. Hold it in place with straight pins.

Use the sewing machine to fix the layers together and remove the pins.

Sew the top of your bustle to the fabric strip.

Attach the fabric strip to the waist of the shorts and hold it in place with pins while you sew the two pieces together.


  • Tulle can be difficult to work with, so make sure you pin before you sew. If you make a mistake, simply cover it up with another layer of tulle.

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