Vivani is Accutime's brand of fashion watches that resemble fashion bracelets. These watches are known for their sparkle, with embellishments like pearls and crystal, and not for having a lot of features. In fact, all they have is an analog display of the time. They don't show the date and they don't have alarms, backlights or other special functions. One upside to this is that it makes the watches in this line very easy to set. It should take you a minute tops.

Wait until the second hand touches the 12 to begin setting the time. That way you can start it at the beginning of a minute instead of in the middle. Find the crown on the right side of your watch's face. It is a round metal knob with ridges on the side. It should be directly in the center.

Pull the crown out to the right as far as you can. On some watches you will need to twist it clockwise first to make it pop out. If it won't pull out with a light tug, this is probably the case with yours. When you have it out correctly, all three hands will stop moving.

Turn the crown clockwise until your watch shows the correct time. If you skip ahead too far, just turn it counterclockwise to go back. Turning slowly is best, as it will keep your watch in good shape for longer. When you're done, push the crown back in all the way. Try to do so just when the minute changes on the clock you are using for reference, so your watch stays accurate.

Look at your watch to ensure the hands are moving. If not, push the crown in further. You should feel a small click when it is back in place.


  • There is no way to adjust these watches for a.m. or p.m. or for military or daylight savings time. All you can do is set a basic 12 hours.

    Some watches have an extra face or two on top of the main face for people who want to see the time in different time zones. In this case you will have additional crowns above and below the center crown that you need to adjust in the same fashion.