A women’s hair can be an important part of her confidence, femininity and attractiveness. While fine hair can be difficult to work with, there are ways to add volume to the hair shaft for fuller, thicker looking hair. Using a hairdryer and hook and loop rollers, in addition to the right styling products, you can deliver a trendy hairstyle to short, fine hair every day of the week.

Things You'll Need

Treat your hair right when shampooing and conditioning. Use a volumizing shampoo and a light conditioner made for thin hair. Wash hair according to the manufacturer’s instructions, not necessarily every day.

Apply a styling product made especially for fine hair. Using a golf-ball size amount, massage volumizing mouse, for example, into the scalp. Other volumizing styling aids are available for use on the entire head. Stay away from beeswax or parrafin, which builds up and breaks fine hair.

Predry your hair with a hairdryer and your fingers. Place the dryer on the highest speed and medium-high heat. Dry until slightly damp.

Separate the top of your hair into three sections. Roll each section with a hook and loop roller. Brush the remainder of your hair and blowdry downward until completely dry.

Add the nozzle attachment and set the hairdryer to medium-high heat. Lift the first curler up slightly. Turn on the hairdryer and blast the heat to the root, while keeping the curler in place. Continue doing this will all three curlers. Repeat three times.

Starting at the hair hanging down the left side of your head, place a round brush at the root and gently roll downward while using the hairdryer. Continue rolling and drying around the bottom of your entire head.

Unroll the curlers carefully. Place the hairdryer on a low setting. Using your fingers, gently mold the hair to the curl while drying the ends completely. Blend the top and bottom hair portions by gently touseling the hair with your fingers. Style the hair using your fingers only. Take off the thin nozzle and use a quick blast of cool air from the hairdryer to help set the hair. (References 4)

Spray the hair lightly with a volumizing or root-lifting hair spray so that it stays in place all day.


  • Pins can be used in place of hook and loop rollers. Section the hair, roll up the hair with your fingers and pin closely to the scalp. Continue blasting the hair with quick bursts of medium-high heat until completely dry.

  • A professional hairstylist can make texture and color changes that add volume to hair.