Shipping alcohol is not an easy task because of laws prohibiting individuals from boxing up a bottle of alcohol and mailing it. Mailing alcohol requires locating a licensed vendor, who must then send it to another licensed vendor. The best way to send Scotch whisky is by placing an online order and having it shipped to your desired location, which removes any liability or illegality by trying to send it yourself.

Things You'll Need

Locate an online store that sells Scotch whisky, such as or This can be done through an Internet search.

Choose the type of Scotch whisky you would like to buy and send. Some options include single-malt Scotch whisky, blended Scotch whisky, Dewars-brand Scotch whisky and Johnnie Walker-brand Scotch whisky.

Enter the shipping information. Determine if the Scotch whisky will be sent to you or to someone else.

Follow directions for ordering, proceed through checkout and make a payment with your credit or debit card when prompted.