Selling your gold jewelry is a quick and easy way to make money. However, there are many routes to choose from when selling your jewelry. You want the most for your jewelry and sometimes first offers and pawnshops are not the right way to sell. Once you understand how much your jewelry is worth and the variety of options you have available, you can choose the options that best suit your needs.

Gather up the jewelry you do not want, and separate it into categories. Place broken gold jewelry or jewelry with missing parts in one pile. Place whole jewelry in another pile. Set any antique jewelry into another pile.

Get your jewelry appraised. Before you choose a route to sell your gold jewelry, appraise the items so you have an idea of how much the jewelry is worth. This helps you choose the best route to sell your jewelry.

Explore your selling options. Not every company accepts the same type of jewelry. Online sites may accept broken jewelry while a jewelry store only accepts whole, intact jewelry.

Sell broken jewelry to scrap gold buyers or broken jewelry buyers. Certain companies take broken gold jewelry off your hands for decent prices. Save your intact jewelry for a jewelry store or pawnshop.

Take your intact jewelry to the pawnshop. Get prices for each piece of jewelry or a bulk price.

Take your jewelry to a jewelry store. Ask for individual and bulk prices for your jewelry.

Compare your offers to how much your jewelry was appraised for. Choose the place that offers you the amount closest to your appraisal.


  • Antique stores often offer more money than a jeweler or pawnshop for old, good condition gold jewelry. If the antique store does not offer you a decent amount of money, ask about having them sell the jewelry for you and giving the store a percentage of your profit once the jewelry is sold.

  • Always check the reliability of a company before handing over your jewelry. While an online website may sound enticing and easy to use, that does not mean there is not risk involved. Utilize the resources you physically have in front of you, such as jewelry stores and pawnshops for intact jewelry. Only use online resources for jewelry that does not contain that much value or for broken jewelry.