If you have a packed closet but don’t want to just give your clothes away, selling them at a second-hand store is a good option. Many second-hand stores will buy gently worn clothing, but nothing with stains or holes. You can usually make more money selling clothes to these stores than you can if you sold them in a yard sale.

Things You'll Need

Go through your drawers and closets and pull out clothes you don’t wear anymore. Sort these clothes by season. Many second-hand stores will only buy clothes for the current season and will not buy out-of-season merchandise. The clothes you gathered that are not in season should be boxed or bagged and placed safely away until the season changes.

Check through the clothes that are currently in season. Find any that have stains or don’t smell fresh. Clean these and get rid of any spots, stains or other dirt. If the dirt will not come out, don’t even bother taking the article of clothing to the second-hand store, because they will not buy it.

Go through the in-season clothes and find clothes that are brand-names. Put these in a separate bag. The store is most likely to purchase these clothes, so have them ready if the store will only allow you to submit one bag for the shopkeepers to go through for purchase.

Make sure the clothes you are taking to the second-hand store are in current fashion. Most second-hand stores will not purchase something that is outdated, unless they are the type of second-hand store that buys clothes for costumes as well as daily wear.

Place all clothing to take to the second-hand store in a plastic bin or large shopping bag. Most second-hand stores don’t allow you to bring in clothes in garbage bags, and some don’t allow you to bring clothes in any kind of bags.

Fill out a sales form, give it to the sales clerk along with your clothing and wait. You can look around the store while the clerk is checking through your clothing to see which items the store will buy.


  • Ask the sales clerk what types of clothing they are purchasing currently. This will help make your next trip to the shop more worthwhile.

  • Some second-hand stores offer more money in trade or credit than in cash. This is good for people looking to change up their wardrobe, but not a good idea for people looking to thin out their closets.

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