For many years, Asian beauties defined their eyes with black and brown eye pencils. The modern era offers a subtle twist on these beauty staples and invites experimentation with other shades and mediums.

Things You'll Need

Remember your options. Pencil liners, liquid liners and shadows, alone or in combination, will add definition and sophistication to your eyes.

Look for modern shades of brown and black. You’re sure to find an espresso with a subtle shimmer or a coal with a glint of sparkle.

Go for the color. Asian eyes look stunning in shades of plum, raisin and gray.

Consider shadow compacts that offer a gradation of color, if you wish to give your eyes depth. Start with the darker shade at the lash line, finishing with the lightest shade near the brow.

Wear black or dark gray mascara. Curl your lashes to open up your eyes, and consider adding a few false lashes at the outside ends for a sexy wink.


  • Have a makeup artist do your eyes to get an idea of what application and color scheme suit your eye shape and makeup needs. Most local department store makeup counters offer free sessions.

  • Wear long-wearing and waterproof formulas in the summer to avoid running liners or streaking mascaras.

  • Experiment with softer colors in the warmer months – just remember that your eye and hair color may be too deep to support the palest pastel shades.