Making popcorn with an air popper produces light, fluffy kernels, but this dry method does not allow for salt or other flavorings to stick to the popcorn. Find a compromise between the no fat added air popping process and the flavor of oil popped popcorn with a trick from your kitchen. This seasoning technique lets you stick with a low-fat diet without your popcorn tasting like bland diet fare. Only your imagination can limit the possibilities for seasoning your air popped popcorn for a healthy treat any time of the day.

Things You'll Need

Fill a paper bag with your air popped popcorn.

Gently spray a fine mist of cooking spray over the popcorn.

Add salt or popcorn seasonings to the bag over the popcorn.

Fold the top of the bag down and shake the bag to coat the popcorn.

Open the bag and serve.


  • Try garlic salt, Parmesan cheese or chili powder for twists on the typical salted popcorn flavor.