A variety of summer squash, yellow squash is similar in taste and texture to zucchini. Younger, less-ripened yellow squash tends to be sweeter than riper squash. There are many ways to cook yellow squash such as steaming, baking, grilling and sauteing. Sauteing your squash will enhance its flavor and texture. A saute is done over relatively high heat in a deep-edged frying or saute pan and will give the squash a slightly seared appearance.

Things You'll Need

Rinse your yellow squash under cold water. The skin does not need to be peeled because it’s relatively soft and completely edible. With your knife over a cutting board, cut the squash into small cubes or wedges, chopping off the top end where the vine’s stub remains. Cutting the squash into similar-sized pieces will ensure they cook evenly.

Heat your deep-sided fry or saute pan to a high heat. You can use butter or cooking oil to saute the squash, although butter will give the finished product a better flavor and color. However, using butter for a saute can burn the squash easily. Keeping the heat on the lower end of the high-heat scale, about 350 degrees, will help prevent burning.

Saute the yellow squash in the heated oil or butter. Place the cubed squash into the pan and add salt and seasonings to flavor. Use your cooking spoon or spatula to frequently stir the mixture and continue stirring until the squash is completely cooked. This will take only about 10 minutes. The edges of your squash will be a golden brown.


  • Place the oil or butter into the pan after the pan has heated. Heating the oil or butter with the pan will cause the fat substance to begin to break down at about 140 degrees.