A weave refers to extra sections of real or artificial human hair sewn or glued to your own natural pieces of hair. This allows you to have hair as long or as thick as you want with a stronger texture or richer color than your own natural hair. Weaves give you absolute freedom, allowing you to style them in any way that you want. A roller set is a simple, non-damaging way to style a weave, as you can use non-heated rollers, which are essential for weaves made from artificial hair.

Things You'll Need

Wash and dry your hair. Comb it flat, parting it in the middle. Divide your hair into four sections: an upper right, an upper left, a lower left and a lower right.

Clip all these sections up and away, leaving only your lower right section exposed. Spray it with a setting spray for hair weaves and comb it out, dividing it into two or three subsections.

Roll up each section starting at the bottom. Roll hair snugly but not tightly around a roller. If the roll is too tight you’ll feel pressure or strain on your scalp. A snug roll around a curler will make your hair feel secure and in place, but without a strain. Snap a roller cover around each curler. Continue in this fashion with all your clipped-up sections of hair.

Leave the rollers in for at least eight hours. Remove each roller carefully one at a time and style as you prefer.


  • The size of the rollers that you choose will effect your finished style. Big rollers will give you large, loose curls that will relax throughout the day into waves. Smaller rollers will give you tighter curls.

  • Regardless of the curls you create, you can always shape them into your desired look after you take the rollers out.