Rolled-up jeans aren’t only functional—they’re stylish. Roll up your jeans to make a fashion statement and to show off your favorite strappy sandals or sparkly high-heels. Roll up baggy boyfriend jeans for a funky, casual look, and roll up slim or skinny jeans for a cleaner silhouette.

Slide a rubber band over your foot and around the bottom of one leg of your jeans. Rolling the jeans with a rubber band will make them cling tighter to your ankle or calf.

Fold the bottom of the jean leg over and then under the rubber band, and then continue rolling up the denim and rubber band together.

Roll as many times as necessary to raise the bottom of the jean to just above your ankle for a subtler statement, or roll them higher up your calf for a more dramatic look.


  • Wear high-heels to dress up the jeans, or wear flats for a casual look.