Many of us enjoy fresh watermelon as a refreshing treat while laying out in the sun. Roasting can give the usually sweet treat of watermelon a savory twist. In a matter of minutes you can roast up a fresh piece of watermelon and enjoy a new spin on a quintessential summertime classic.

Things You'll Need

Cut the watermelon into wedges or slices. Grease a sheet of aluminum foil with oil or butter to prevent the watermelon from sticking to the foil during roasting.

Lay the sheet of aluminum foil on the grill or oven rack. Heat the grill or oven to about 450 degrees, and place the pieces of watermelon on the sheet of foil.

Sprinkle the watermelon with salt and pepper to add a savory flavor. Turn the watermelon over when the top side has browned. Remove the pieces of watermelon from the heat when both sides have browned.