Parsnips are similar in shape and texture to carrots, but they taste a lot sweeter when cooked. A root vegetable containing starch, the parsnip was transported from the Mediterranean to Europe and treated much like the American potato — as a side dish to the main course. Parsnips and potatoes are versatile and may be mashed, fried, boiled, broiled or roasted. Roasting parsnips and potatoes yields morsels with a crunchy outer texture and tender insides.

Things You'll Need

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Peel the skin off the potatoes and parsnips. Cut the potatoes and parsnips into bite-sized pieces. Put them into a colander and rinse thoroughly.

Pour the vegetables into a bowl. Add 1 tsp. each of salt and pepper. Sprinkle olive oil over the potatoes and parsnips and use your hands to mix them well.

Line a roasting pan with tin foil. Put the potatoes and parsnips into the pan. Place the pan in the middle rack of the oven. Set the timer for 40 minutes.

Add cherry tomatoes, if desired, when the timer goes off. Sprinkle more olive oil and seasoning over the mixture. Set timer for 20 minutes.

Remove the pan from oven after 20 minutes. Place the food into a dish and serve.


  • Add onions or different spices according to your taste.