When some people are trying to create their own designer jeans, they try to create huge, gaping holes. These massive holes can be a huge fashion statement, but are not for some. Other people want to simply rip their jeans; the holes may form from the rips, but they only want a few simple rips. Taking and ripping jeans can be incredibly easy.

The first step to rip jeans is to put the jeans on and mark where you want the rips. The placement on the jeans will look different on you than on the ground flat, so marking rips while you wear the jeans before you rip them is important. Taking your pencil or washable marker, mark out the places on your jeans that you would like to rip.

Next, be sure to take the jeans off. This is a step in itself, because it is very important. If you start to try to rip your jeans while you are wearing them, there is a good chance that you will cut yourself. We have made the marks so that we do not have to try to rip jeans while wearing them.

Taking the razor blade, simply make the incisions where you have created the lines. This will create a simple rip in the jeans. If you are looking for a larger rip, make the initial incision, and then take the blade of the razor blade and rub it along the edges of the rip you just made. This will help make the rip larger without turning it into a huge, round hole.

Once you have made your rips, take the jeans and put them in the washer and dryer. This will show you the final product.

Make any necessary adjustments. You may want to do a bit more ripping!


  • You can always add new rips to jeans. You cannot, however, take them away. Make sure that you want the cuts you are making.