Contact lens wearers typically have a stockpile of extra lens cases. In bathroom cabinets they sit, empty and useless. Give them new life by repurposing them in practical ways. You may be surprised how handy they are in your everyday life.

Store small earrings in a contact lens case when you travel or to keep in your purse for days when you forget to accessorize.

Stow earplugs — or two sets — in an empty lens case. They will be easier to dig out of your purse than without a case.

Use a lens case as a pill box for daily medications or vitamins. Carry emergency aspirin or pain reliever in a case.

Fill a leakproof lens case with lotion, eye cream, shampoo or conditioner for a short trip. Use a marker to label the contents, so you don’t accidentally use shampoo to take off your makeup.