When the weather gets warmer, we all get into a swimsuit frame of mind. If you’re buying a bathing suit on a whim, you may have second thoughts about your purchase later. Whether it doesn’t fit or you just don’t like the style, most places will take back your bathing suit if properly cared for. There are a few quick things you need to make sure of before returning a bathing suit to the store.

Things You'll Need

Locate the original receipt from the sale before bringing the bathing suit back to the store. In order to get a full refund, most vendors require proof of purchase (the original sale receipt) or they may otherwise have to give you store credit.

Find the price tags from the bathing suit if you snipped them off upon purchase. The store will need this to verify the item on the receipt (if you have one) and properly authorize a refund. If you do not have the price tags, your return may be denied.

Make sure the hygienic lining is still on the bathing suit (for woman’s swim suits). This is placed on bathing suits as a protective measure to allow people to try them on over their undergarments. If you are returning a bathing suit with a missing lining, your return may be declined under the assumption that the item has been worn.

Look for the return policy on the original receipt. Most vendors will print out the standards of their policy on the bottom of their receipts, but if you don’t see one on yours, do not hesitate to contact the store. Some stores may have specific guidelines for returning swim suits in particular so it is important that you look this up before making the trip.


  • If the store has a fitting room, try on your bathing suit before purchasing to avoid returning it.