Louis Vuitton is a producer of high-end, expensive leather products. The Louis Vuitton name is usually associated with purses, though the company makes a variety of items including luggage, sunglasses, clothing and shoes. Counterfeit bags can be found at flea markets, in stores and online. If you spot a fake bag and want to report it, you have several methods at your disposal.

Report online counterfeits to the website that hosts the sale. Popular sites such as eBay and Craigslist allow users to flag or report items that violate copyright law, which causes offending posts and auctions to be removed. Look for links like “Flag this item” or “Report this post.”

Alert Louis Vuitton to the issue using its website contact form. Select “Complaints” and the most applicable sub-category. Write a quick message. Remember that prosecution for copyright infringement is largely up to the company that holds the copyright.

Contact your local police. Counterfeit bags are considered an act of copyright violation, and while the call may not result in arrests, it may help keep counterfeiters off your corner. Counterfeiting carries steep penalties including fines and jail time.

Your city may not have a specific department for dealing with these issues so the effectiveness of this step will vary depending on your location. Filing a complaint will at the least alert the authorities that a local business owner may be participating in illegal activities.

Get in touch with upper management employees at popular retail outlets if you feel stores are carrying counterfeits. Additionally, alert the owners of the mall or strip center that hosts the store, as these illegal activities could have a major impact on the validity of their lease.

Report the product and the vendor to the United States Customs and Border Protection division of the Department of Homeland Security. You can use its site to file an e-allegation for violation of international trade law. Select “Other” on the drop-down menu, enter your contact information and write a brief description of the counterfeiting issue. You’ll also need to provide the name and address of the violating individual or business.